Status of Compat Linux

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Status of Compat Linux

Post by kraileth »

The FAQs mention Linux Compatibility in section 4.2 (see ... _system.3F). As I'm updating the FAQs a bit, I wonder what the status of this currently is in GhostBSD 10.3.

According to the FAQ, that it's enabled by default and I see it set in rc.conf. I've never used the Linuxulator on FreeBSD before (maybe I should) but as far as I know 64 bit Linux emulation is possible as of FreeBSD 10.3. Now my question is: Was 64 bit Linux emulation tested on GhostBSD 10.3? Is it also supported out of the box? I'm trying to free a 64 bit laptop to play with GhostBSD but currently I only have an old 32 bit machine for tinkering with and thus I cannot try out much with the 64 bit Linuxulator myself.

Either way I'd like to note in the FAQ whether 64 bit Linux Compat is supported on GhostBSD 10.3 or not. I think it should be mentioned there.
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Re: Status of Compat Linux

Post by ASX »

The status of linux layer: it is active and supported.

Linux compatibility implementation provide compatibilty with CentoOS 6.x system (linux kernel 2.6.xx).

There are a few commonly used software that use the Linux layer:
Adobe flashplugin, nvidia proprietary graphics drivers, google-earth, ... a few web browsers like "Opera".
IIRC also some "fuse" supported filesystem, (like NTFS thru "ntfs-3g") require the linux compatibility layer.

Support for 64 bit Linux layer has been introduced relatively recently, I'm not aware of software using this layer, so far.s


Because GhostBSD is based on FreeBSD, GhostBSD support exactly the same features like the corresponding FreeBSD base, including of course Linux 64 bit compatibility.
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