Connecting your Iphone/Idevice to GhostBSD

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Connecting your Iphone/Idevice to GhostBSD

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First we will install the “fusefs-ifuse” package through the Software Station, if
you prefer the terminal, you can install it with the “sudo pkg install” command for example:

#sudo pkg install fusefs-ifuse

After the installation of “fusefs-ifuse” package, we will create a directory to
mount the Iphone/Idevice to.
We will do this with the “mkdir” command for example:

# mkdir /mnt/iphone.

Now we will run usbmuxd command in the terminal to list the connected

# usbmuxd -f

The final step is to mount the Idevice to the mountpoint we created in
/mnt/iphone with the command:

# ifuse -d -o allow_other /mnt/iphone

Your Iphone/Idevice should be connected in your file manager and you will be able to browse, copy, move files
to your GhostBSD system.
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