Hiding partitions on dual boot

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Hiding partitions on dual boot

Post by darkoverlordofdata » Sun Mar 22, 2020 10:05 pm

I tried out the dual boot functionality in GhostBSD 20.02. It was very simple to install, and I'm sharing my asus zenbook with windows 10. And I'm a big fan of the rEFInd boot manager - adding this option was brilliant.

However, when I log in on bsd, I'm greeted with a slew of annoying popup errors from trying to mount all the other partitions on my system drive - 3 Windows recovery partitions, the main NTFS partition, and the windows boot partition all give errors. These also show up in the places menu, along with the EFI partition (which can be mounted) as well as the places tab in the file manager. Is there a way to configure GhostBSD to ignore these partitions? In addition to the annoying popups, it uses up a lot of real-estate on the places menu as well as in file managers.

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Re: Hiding partitions on dual boot

Post by willbproggin » Thu Apr 02, 2020 10:25 pm

Hi everyone,

After a long time waiting, I decided to try GhostBSD 20.03. Things are going 'okay' except I am having some issues. One of them is what darklord is describing.

Here is what my side-bar looks like in Caja. It's showing the devices twice, as well:

I also receive many successive error dialogs when I log in, just like darklord.

Is there anything that can be adjusted to fix this?

Thanks! :)
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