Linux to BSD migration plan

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Linux to BSD migration plan

Post by opensourceuser » Sun Feb 02, 2020 10:18 am

Hello world!

I've an idea to migrate from linux to bsd. After huge continuous reading I've decided that ghostbsd will be the best at least for the beginning.
I've a lot of questions before to perturbate "my world" completely.

So actually a have linux with some KVM (main) and virtualbox (additional) virtual machines. My linux has full drive luks2 encription boot included with secure boot. What I want, is to achive something similar in bsd.

So, my questions are
1. What about geli encryption? Is it as strong as luks 2 with boot encrypted? Does it support ssd trim or is it safe for ssd?
2. I've qemu/KVM Pfsense -> some linux and windows machines Pfsense->whonix gateway->whonix workstation. Can something similar be done with bhyve? Does bhyve support bridge to host wifi? Does it support usb passthrough? Shared folders or drives?
3.What is the actual version of virtualbox in bsd and what is about usb support? Freebsd documentation says it's only USB v1. Is it still true?
4. Will windows guest be fully functional running in bhyve? Does bhyve support readonly virtual drives?
5. Does ghostbsd has something like firejail for sandbox applications?
6. What is battery life, bsd vs linux?
7. F2FS and brtfs support in bsd for r/w?
8. UEFI boot support, secure boot?
7. Bhyve and virtualbox alongside? KVM/virtualbox coexist well, kvm with hardware virtualization and virtualbox with binary translation or both hardware but not simultaneously. What about bhyve+virtualbox?

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