Questions before switching

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Questions before switching

Post by dismas » Mon Jan 14, 2019 10:46 am


Sorry for my bad english but I'm from France.
I'm new with GhostBSD and *BSD in general and I have few questions before switching (from Windows) :

- If I install GhostBSD on a ZFS SSD, is it OK to move the swap partition to a UFS HDD ? is it OK to automount UFS partitions of this HDD using /etc/fstab ?

- How to completely disable/hide a disk drive (dedicated to Windows) like /dev/ada1 and its partitions ? I try to add hind.ata.1.disabled="1" to /boot/device.hints and to /boot/loader.conf but without success. [Edit : OK, I got it working. According to dmesg, the disk driver is ahcich and unit is 1 so I added hind.ahcich.1.disabled="1" to /boot/loader.conf 8-) ]

- I tried to add a "guest" account (not member of the wheel group) for internet browsing purpose. I had to create a ~/.xinitrc file to log in from SLiM. Once the user session is opened, there is no item in the menu to shutdown the PC. I had to close the session and use the halt keyword in SLiM. Is there another way to do it ? [Edit : OK, I got it working too. The account has to be a member of the operator group :? ]

- If using a "guest" account for my daily routine (web surfing, mail, etc...), will GhostBSD still display a notification when an update is available or do I have to log with my "admin" account (member of the wheel group) regularly to check for updates and install them ?

- Since 18.12, OctoPkg has been replaced by Software Station. I don't know why but I find it difficult to use the latter. It only display a brief description of a package when moving mouse over it. Is there a way to display more informations as the Info tab of OctoPkg did (version, size, etc...) ? Is it OK to use OctoPkg instead of Software Station ?

Thanks in advance :)

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Re: Questions before switching

Post by rowo » Sat Jan 19, 2019 4:26 pm

"Is it OK to use OctoPkg instead of Software Station ?"
Yes, it is. But I always recommend the cli and to use pkg.

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