Preparing a multi boot install

Questions about the installation of FreeBSD
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Preparing a multi boot install

Post by CuddlyOwl » Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:14 am

:oops: I have indeed read 1st the entries I searched on dual booting.

This question is to try to be sure I understand.

I have been using Linux since about 2007. The laptop in question is an old bios model from around 2010. Going 8 years. Nvidia 240 graphics. Intel wifi (actually died and needs replacing). How does GhostBSD handle USB connection to an Android device for network connection. (I guess someone will ask. It's a cheap Chinese brand laptop. I work in China & after problems and issues with "name brand" computers HP at the top of that list and running non Windows OS I found these computers wonderfully generic and easier to deal with. No special parts that only windows has drivers for. It's Hasee brand. Very basic.)

My lazy way to use my wifi. Last USB wifi dongle turned out to be something without support in free open source systems.

My old laptop until I replace the hard drive with an SSD already has a primary partition about 30gb set aside for BSD. Set up ages ago but I never got around to it. Now making the time. I usually use Debian based distros. Currently happy with Sparky when it comes do Debian.

In short I want to install GhostBSD into that partition. I do not want separate partitions so everything "/root" and all need to go there. I have a swap set. Can I point GhostBSD at it?

Anyone know of conflicts if both BSD & Linux are using the same swap?

I have read the installation section of GhostBSD. From my understanding I should choose the Grub for booting with Linux.

When I install if I can get all that set up. Can I install with ZFS to a partition?
The GhostBSD grub2 should find the other Linux installs? It'll automatically install to MBR?

Thanks. I read several different topics but it isn't all fully clear. I wish to clarify. Any suggestions will be very welcome.

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