Second development build of 18.08

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Second development build of 18.08

Post by ericbsd »

That new ISO is about 600MB lighter than the previous one, Grub2 have been removed for the new Hybrid ISO developed from FreeBSD and some iX employ.

Note that if your laptop support does support legacy and UEFI boot, the legacy mode might now work at all after installation. Also, we recommend using ZFS since TrueOS focus mainly on ZFS. ... -14-17.iso

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Re: Second development build of 18.08

Post by Casper »

This version booted up for me, but the touchpad on my T430 doesn't two-finger scroll... F.Y.I.

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Re: Second development build of 18.08

Post by menditsa »

Been waiting for this :) Will install on a spare drive later and report any findings :D

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