We are dropping i386

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We are dropping i386

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We have made a decision that might be chock lot of you, but it must happen that we can go forward faster with this project. We are dropping i386 due to the lack of contributors for i386 and that we want to focus on the future like ARM64. That decision has been done with a lot of controversies in our team. GhostBSD have always try to aim for future computing and has for me and ASX we find i386 to be a dead weight for advancing GhostBSD to where it should be. Not only that i386 hardware does not do modern computing well anymore.

For those who want i386, there is FreeBSD, and this project can be fork the code is on GitHub i386 code remain in ghostbsd-build.

11.1 RC1 is available right now only in 64bit.

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