update to freeBSD CURRENT?

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update to freeBSD CURRENT?

Post by vanbreukelingen »

having a strange story: got the freeBSD sources and made a world and a GENERIC current-kernel with llvm-devel10. it installed in single user mode but at the mergemaster -Ui it took half an hour to just press :q and i, probably should have done merge. after this nothing worked anymore, system was open on root, i forced all packages to reinstall with pkg upgrade -f, it downgraded many packages and after reboot the root-system should have been mounted, zfs was ok, but afterwards it hung up completely being errors that I couldn't read, was ### too fast. Was it the entropy, the ELF or whatever, ddb didn't do a core dump. I made another buildworld and installed it but it was a confusion of versions inside the packages I think.

now I did a full new install and as using diazepam and therefore suffering dementia praecox I need again the port for the build-tools of the freeBSD sources. what happens if I don't do the mergemaster after installation?

thx for reply,
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Re: update to freeBSD CURRENT?

Post by ericbsd »

If you need help with FreeBSD to go on FreeBSD Forums, here it is for GhostBSD.
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Re: update to freeBSD CURRENT?

Post by aht0 »

They won't help him with -CURRENT in FreeBSD Forums either.
https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/topi ... ons.40469/
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Re: update to freeBSD CURRENT?

Post by mutterhunt »

I'm having the same issue than @@vanbreukelingen
I want to create a -CURRENT-GhostBSD! The kernel builds fine with the freeBSD-sources and I get a grafical login with drm-kmod-current/devel, but programs have to be rebuilt like firefox or thunderbird.

btw, it's a great pleasure to see BSD in front of all the open-source work and GhostBSD is the first mentionable competition to the many,many,many linux distributions!

I'd work on a port of a bluetooth-GUI in upcoming versions, like blueman or at least a possiblity like bluetoothctl, but it has to be done in the BSD-way!.

Idiologically I'm glad not to have any leaders at all here, but experienced UNIX users and admins that are great to help.

Plz. don't refer to FreeBSD forums as they don't know, I built from freeBSD-sources, I get the freeBSD-logo when starting the kernel but graphics lack of a suitable configuration. Userland builds fine but all what pkg-devel wants after 'make installworld -j5' is to deinstall all of the mate desktop, applications, a.s.o.

Can someone give me the chance to update to GhostBSD-current?

Lizbeth Mutterhunt
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