update to freeBSD CURRENT?

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update to freeBSD CURRENT?

Post by vanbreukelingen »

having a strange story: got the freeBSD sources and made a world and a GENERIC current-kernel with llvm-devel10. it installed in single user mode but at the mergemaster -Ui it took half an hour to just press :q and i, probably should have done merge. after this nothing worked anymore, system was open on root, i forced all packages to reinstall with pkg upgrade -f, it downgraded many packages and after reboot the root-system should have been mounted, zfs was ok, but afterwards it hung up completely being errors that I couldn't read, was ### too fast. Was it the entropy, the ELF or whatever, ddb didn't do a core dump. I made another buildworld and installed it but it was a confusion of versions inside the packages I think.

now I did a full new install and as using diazepam and therefore suffering dementia praecox I need again the port for the build-tools of the freeBSD sources. what happens if I don't do the mergemaster after installation?

thx for reply,

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Re: update to freeBSD CURRENT?

Post by ericbsd »

If you need help with FreeBSD to go on FreeBSD Forums, here it is for GhostBSD.

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Re: update to freeBSD CURRENT?

Post by aht0 »

They won't help him with -CURRENT in FreeBSD Forums either.
https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/topi ... ons.40469/

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