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Wiki pages about VirtualBox

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Hi, salut ... figuration

> … memory size must be changed to at least 4096 MB.

Re: ... 9150#p9150 confirmed: 4,096 MB is enough to boot the latest ISO.

> If you wish to use ZFS, it will need to be at least 2048 MB. …

– this sentence might be redundant.

> … increase the size to at least 15 GB …

– this phrase might be redundant. I believe that the default is 16.

> … VirtualBox Guest Additions install in the default system …

– no longer true.

> … guest additions add mouse pointer integration, …

Mouse integration not working with VirtualBox 5.2.44

> … If the installer program fails to load, try increasing the amount of RAM in the virtual machine. The bare minimum is 1024 MB, but increasing this value to 2048 MB or higher will sometimes allow an unbootable ISO to boot into the installer. …

‒ givevn the 4,096 MB is a minimum, this seems to be redundant.

---- ... n_GhostBSD

Needs an update to reflect the change from rc to OpenRC.

5.2.34 is outdated.

Better express the requirements as emulators/virtualbox-ose and emulators/virtualbox-ose-kmod

emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions should not be installed. The additions are for guests, not for hosts.

vboxguest_enable="YES" is not appropriate.

vboxservice_enable="YES" is not appropriate.

pw groupadd vboxusers is not required.

The lines for /etc/devfs.conf are mysterious. Not needed here, and there's no such message when the required packages are installed.

HAL is no longer in ports.

The reference to ... albox.html and the chapter number are outdated. Instead: ... virtualbox – new documentation : freebsd
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