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Website redesign

Post by thijsvanderwoude »


First I'd like to say that you might have some security issues on the site. Look on the last page of the news page. Some... unsavory links may have been introduced into several news posts, and perhaps the sponsors list too. I would personally also redirect the http:// automatically to https://.

I'm a webdeveloper from the Netherlands, currently starting out on my freelance journey. I specialize in Drupal and Wordpress. Because I love FreeBSD and GhostBSD so much, I decided to throw something together. The front page is done-ish now! Not quite happy with the navbar and "What is GhostBSD" section yet. Maybe you guys would like to take a look.

My only stipulation is that if we work together, I get to use the new site in my portfolio. Perhaps a nice coffee mug. Let me know!

Greetings and many thanks for your efforts in GhostBSD,
Thijs van der Woude :^)
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Re: Website redesign

Post by ericbsd »

It might be one of the messages I missed, 3 here’s ago there was an vulnerability that got exploited.

Since then I update drupal on every update notifications.
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