Examples of types of email marketing that can serve as inspiration

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Examples of types of email marketing that can serve as inspiration

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Email marketing is a strategy from the world of advertising and marketing in which you communicate with a customer through emails, sending promotional messages to a customer list or database. With this strategy it is possible to achieve different objectives , such as attracting new customers, optimizing the relationship with existing ones, shaping a link between the company and the consumer, increasing the number of sales and creating a communication channel with the customer during the sales process. The first thing you should do is partner with a partner that makes it easier for you to carry out email marketing campaigns, such as Sendiblue , a tool that seeks to make the world of digital advertising available to everyone by offering cutting-edge tools with new trends. .

Try for free 8 types of email marketing Each type of email marketing has a different purpose. It is important to determine what we want to achieve to know which one to implement. Here are some examples: 1. Welcome These are automatically sent to new subscribers to the Country Email List database to include a welcome message to the eCommerce and for being a new customer or potential new customer. In addition, some promotion or discount is usually included in the first purchase. An ideal example is Penguin Random House, which with its welcome email presents the style and what the Spanish-language publisher offers, in addition to giving a brief step-by-step guide on what to do to find books of interest to you. 2. Newsletter The newsletter or newsletter is surely one of the best-known types of email marketing.


about including news and content that may interest recipients. An example is our weekly newsletter in which you can find relevant information about the digital world and eCommerce. 3. Cross-sell This type of email in particular seeks to offer the customer products or services that complement another that they have already purchased recently. To understand it better, we will show you an example of , the railway company. Your email states that a ticket was purchased to travel and then begins to offer hotels or experiences that take place at the place of travel.
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Re: Examples of types of email marketing that can serve as inspiration

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I hope there's a special place in h3ll for email spammers, where the fire is turned up to eleven with swarms of biting flies.

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