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Unnecessary slowness Installation on Virtual Box

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 7:55 am
by rkramerbsd
During my first installation of GhostBSD 10.1 BETA 2 in a virtual machine (Virtual Box), there was a problem I would not face it, if I had taken a little caution before; it happened

when I was still configuring the virtualization environment for the OS installation.

There was an unnecessary slowness on my first installation, simply because I had forgotten to enable the acceleration feature VT-X at the time of Vbox configuration to the

guest system.

If you don't activate this function on your virtual machine (Path : Configuration button – > System – > Acceleration ), you will suffer the same boring experience, for

GhostBSD installation correctly configured on VBox is fast and simple, without complication.

To prevent this from happening, simply check the option VT-X (in my case, VT-x / AMD-V by having a hardware architecture amd64), and the speed of installation will

increase considerably.

See the attached .jpg file for details. Any questions regarding this, please contact