Two tips for GhostBSD installation

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Two tips for GhostBSD installation

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As I did with PC-BSD creator, I would thank Eric for his nice work, to make accessible FreeBSD power to desktop users.
I tried to install GhostBSD in my machines, unfortunately I wasn't able to, but I will write a proper post in Install Forum section for that.
For "Feedback" section, I only would suggest a tip about GBI.
It isn't clear "Install BSD Boot Loader" : is installed in the slice or directly in the MBR?
Reading the wiki, the loader is what I think a "boot manager" is (say "grub", f. i.), so, if I want a dual booting system with, let's say, Ubuntu, *I don't want the BSD loader*, 'cause I have my grub, my gag, etc.
My suggestion is to write "Install BSD Boot Loader +in MBR (don't select if Grub/Lilo/etc. is installed) +"

This would help Linux users to understand immediately that BSD Boot Loader goes for entire disk, and is not the slice/partition related boot loader.

2) An other tip: is it possible to compile some field (f. i. username, realname, computer name) *after* files copying on disk and not before? I tried *many* times installation, and it failed just after partitioning, and many times I re-wrote same data. Asking those data could be a "first use script" for new installed system or "in installation progress" as many installations do normally.
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