A bunch of things broken out of the box

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A bunch of things broken out of the box

Post by mcandre »

GhostBSD's current WiFi drivers are out of date, preventing my 9560 wireless card from working. The driver has merged to FreeBSD HEAD. Any ETA on refreshing the drivers? Is there an unstable ISO for GhostBSD? How could I modify my pkg configuration to point to more bleeding edge repositories?

Fortunately, my System76 Galago Pro laptop has a traditional Ethernet port, and drivers appear to "just work" for that. I was able to run pkg update, pkg upgrade with no obvious exit error code or error messages. HOWEVER, upon reboot, the graphical login screen broke. If I enter an incorrect password it tells me to enter the right password. If I enter the correct password, it doesn't enter my MATE account. Instead, it goes right back to the graphical login screen. Loops forever.

The shutdown confirmation prompt at the graphical login screen, doesn't show a button to confirm. It only shows an X to cancel. I had to use a tty, cli login, with sudo shutdown -p now, to actually shut down.

The MATE toolbar decided to disappear. It displayed on the first post-install boot, but never after that.

The default screen resolution is way too high. I was able to correct this for MATE, but the boot menu and initd tty are still rendering at like font size 1.

Is there a hotkey convention for launching terminals in GhostBSD? I'm used to Ctrl-Alt-T in Linux, but MATE here doesn't appear to have this key setup.

Desktop icons and the alt menu (where I go to launch terminals) can take several minutes to load. Again, that was back when the login manager GUI was working.

Any fixes for these problems in the pipeline?

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Re: A bunch of things broken out of the box

Post by RoboNuggie »

I can't help with the drivers, but would a USB dongle known to work with GhostBSD be a solution?
There is a 'test' version of GhostBSD of sorts.... a current build so to speak:
https://ghostbsd.org/download then scroll to the "Latest development Builds"..... you could try this...

On FreeBSD, sometimes if an upgrade goes wrong or if I make the error of installing a port I shouldn't have.... if I do
pkg update -f and pkg upgrade -f all the pkgs are re installed and everything is back to normal.
I haven't tried this on GhostBSD as I haven't had any issues, but it may work...

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