My experiences with GhostBSD 4.0 ALPHA 1

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My experiences with GhostBSD 4.0 ALPHA 1

Post by sb56637 »


GhostBSD is a fascinating project, thanks very much to everyone who is working on it!

I tried 4.0 ALPHA 1 on all three of my laptops, (Intel graphics and Intel or Broadcom WiFI) and amazingly it all seems to work with a bit of fiddling, including WiFI, webcams, and suspend/resume! The installer is nice and easy.

Here's what I discovered so far:

1. The "use entire disk" option of the installer doesn't work. When it gets to the next disk installation step, the "NEXT" button stops working. So as a workaround I used the custom partitions option and used the "Auto" option.

2. ZFS support in the installer would be a huge plus! :)

3. networkmgr is broken. It complains about missing I pulled it out of the Git repo and put it in the correct place, so now it runs. However, it still doesn't find any WiFI networks.

4. I would like to use the new i915kms driver. But I tried adding i915kms and drm2 to my rc.conf under kld_list, but it boots into a blank screen.

5. I wish the Flash plugin was still available out of the box.

Any ideas? Thanks again!

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Re: My experiences with GhostBSD 4.0 ALPHA 1

Post by ericbsd »

Thanks for the feedback, I have solve most of the installer bug yet, hopefully all the bug will be fix in ALPHA2. the network manager was pkg wrong and that is why it failed to run.

The Linux flash still work, but with couple glitch.

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