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new Ghost concept // discuss

Posted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 5:21 am
by OeAi
Hello. I found ghostBSD just yesterday when i was looking for some TOR-BSD.
TrueOS was mentioned as a tor-ready system, so i thought GhostBSD will be as well.
But what i found - can't install it to an image drive of 3gb and there's no tor support on live-cd image.

So i want to propose a new Ghost-concept tor/i2p system to browse net as a ghost.

i don't need much and i'd ask other users what do they need for private browsing.
i need few browser clients - midori/chrome+flash/tor-opera/tor-mozilla // tor/i2p server+/-bridge // polipo // pidgin,
maybe some simple (lightweight) mail-client + notepad/emacs / Xorg - Xfce/openbox to make it work.

i'm on linux usually, there are clients such as tails/whonix and others. Well i decided to give bsd a try - and a private browsing can be such area for BSD to use instead of servers, that is also expolred by linux nowadays.

Really GhostBSD is installing to much and there's no any screen to choose packages (i don't need development for example, or office, gimp and sound editing tools), video / image and pdf/documet viewers - maybe, just to get something from net and see content, nothing else. some notes, bookmarks and password store - yes, feed-reader. thunderbird - can do much, but heavy. +mc, firewall (ghost/fortress/hack mode), iptraf. Ghost - no reply for incoming, tor-web only // hack - cron change ip and ports, ghost + chat ports // fortress - strict but mostly closed ports - hack/ghost + common service ports. // open mode

is it hard to do such Ghost image for community? is it needed? for more than just me, coz i can use linux, i can live with it, i don't need to get porn or some dark net deals, it's just some safe browsing with pretty much legal aims.

For example i think, that there can be a way to make different package-install script-scenarios, so users will be able to choose which package solution they need. full\server-only\net-install\ghost-mode\crypto-heaven\cyber-office\dev-org\wifi-nerd\live-cd - so they will choose that mode and it will install from same dvd-image different packages or will use it for different live-cd modes with ability to install such mode to harddisk.

As i saw it in trueOs installation it installs packages one-by-one (FIFO type), but bundle-package installation can be a faster way, but depends on available memory and disk space and most of those modes needs binaries only with no logs (for example) - so it will be a kind of thin OS with packeted installation mode (not necessary, but just needs newer packager), if dev-team can adapt aptitude or drakrpm/rpmdrake for pkgs - this can kick adopting of gui-package-managers that bsd lacks of).

i tried to install XFCE mod, but i see "no space left on the device" on install screen, but installation continue - it's an error of installer, because it doesn't count space and don't knows of installed packages size and it's not stopping - it's stupid. To change it - use another packager with rules and triggers.

i installed minimal TrueOS, the xorg virtualbox-ose-additions lumina tor torsocks mc mozilla midori opera, removed development+go - and well it's enough to start secure browsing.
first need to start dbus-uuidgen (machine-id) problem, then ntpdate -l (to sync tor start), change xinitrc and xorg.conf, torrc and that's enough
but i'd suggest instead of lumina use openbox lxpanel obmenu rodent lxterminal\qterminal . opera and midori is too old, so maybe chromium-68, polipo || torsocks not sure. remove some about:config firefox keys and well it will be a minimal tor-system. maybe i'll try to rebuild with dragonfly they got pkg_radd.
i found QEMU problem with xorg startx not starting with KVM accelerator, but alright with TCG, they say it needs to install xorg from ports, but you can change to TCG and it works well, except the nic - something wrong and downloads goes through very long in comparison to virtualbox.
and i don't know how to make it work as cd-img

Re: new Ghost concept // discuss

Posted: Fri Aug 23, 2019 5:18 am
by wolf.bsd
I also think about rebuilding the ISO from GhostBSD. with the same functionality but on the XFCE4 and tor. Just for myself. And in the future not to waste time deleting mate. In order to get GhostBSD with XFCE4 just out of the box.