Improvements To GhostBSD Since 2014

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Improvements To GhostBSD Since 2014

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I last used GhostBSD in 2013-2014 wow now in 2019 GhostBSD has grown into a key player in the BSD world
Still a few problems that really need to be addressed that goes back years.
Auto mount internal drives well you can see them now but of course they do not mount.
A very large lack of support of mounting internal drives unless fat32 try finding any info on the net its virtually non existent and what their is is worthless.
Trying to mount internal drives to fstab since version 9.5 of FreeBSD is a nightmare.
I tried for a year the last time I used GhostBSD with no avail It really is bad. Come on this needs addressing.
All i want to do is mount NTFS or Exfat drives using fstab why is that so hard to do. and why through the terminal does it try to open every partition on the drive resulting in error messages.
At the moment I'm trying to use DSBMC GUI it works fine to open the drives manually but again the same error messages every time I open a partition it spews out error messages tring and failing to mount every other partition on the drive.

Please try to address this and keep up the good work.
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