Newbier here !

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Newbier here !

Post by Ghoster »

Hey !
I done my install on my notebook with the " latest build.iso " on my aged amd-notebook.
i do not use this notebook very much but i tested first Ghostbsd in quemu on my Desktop PC. (amd ryzen system)

I am realy exited how userfriendly this bsd based system is also when i am coming from Linux which i use already since a very long time. Can't say for sure but it is about 10 years already my daily driver.
For sure i was Distro-hoping a lot recently i am using on my Desktop Fedora 33. This pkg reminds me very much on dnf !
I will look forward here more often and maybe i will give you some feedback for maybe later new features.
Thanks for this great work and this realy fast and competent support here !
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Re: Newbier here !

Post by RoboNuggie »

Welcome to the family Ghoster!

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Re: Newbier here !

Post by Vermilion »

Welcome. Me started with Solaris over Linux and now final (I hope so!) Station is GhostBSD (beside macOS) I am happy to have a real Unix - like System that is also very userfriendly and reliable. And many commands in shell are similar to macOS, which is a certified UNIX with some BSD contents. (I hope this wording is right).
I really hope, FreeBSD becomes more popular and will support more (newer) hardware in future.

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Re: Newbier here !

Post by gom »

N00b here too.
GREAT work on the ease of use, this is fantastic. I had 1 issue installing where I couldn't get a DHCP lease. I put a static IP on the same subnet, but instead of passing or failing there, it asked me again if I wanted to obtain a DHCP lease, said yes, and that time it worked. I am SO HAPPY I got to get it installed to witness the sheer amount of work put into this OS. This is great. I hope I can say goodbye to Windows on my desktop, permanently.

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