How about ARM64 support?

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How about ARM64 support?

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FreeBSD has several flavors of ARM64 releases ... any hope for GhostBSD to follow?
Suer could use it on my Pi4
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Re: How about ARM64 support?

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Re: How about ARM64 support?

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If Ampere could donate an 80 core ARM64 server, or if the community could donate enough money to purchase an ARM64 server, it would be possible. It would cost approximately $8,000 USD. I checked the cost earlier today. Interesting that you mentioned it. :)
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Available Today Re: How about ARM64 support?

Post by wb7odyfred » Video Video My Blog with details of my journey porting GhostBSD to Arm64 Raspberry Pi ... nload.html Download the write_freebsd_img script ... o-usb.html Older information
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