HOW TO: get Steam (Homura) working from scratch

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HOW TO: get Steam (Homura) working from scratch

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Before we begin, if you do not know what Homura is, don't worry, it's a wine / winetricks launcher for FreeBSD. So you can play your 32 bit windows games on GhostBSD, as of now, no 64 bit games will work.

As this was written mostly from memory :idea: , feel free to correct me on anything that seems wrong.

#How to get Homura running on GhostBSD, from 0-100

#If your installation of GhostBSD is new, the first thing you should do is to update the list of all of your packages:
sudo pkg update

#Then proceed to upgrade all packages, this will probably take a while...
sudo pkg upgrade

#Make sure your display drivers are installed and set up correctly
#You can find help in the FreeBSD handbook or in the forums ... /handbook/

#You can also have a look at GhostBSD wiki, or stop by at the Telegram channel

#Then go ahead and install Homura
sudo pkg install Homura

#Create a new user, since Homura does not run on privileged accounts (for security reasons)
#make sure to add this user to the video group
sudo adduser
#Then just follow the comprehensive steps.

#When the new user is added, logout of your regular user and switch to the newly created user.
#If you created a shortcut for Homura at installation, run it from there, or In a terminal run:

#Select the option you wish, for example in order to install the windows/wine version of steam, click "Launcher" then navigate to Steam and click next.

#Then in the Homura main window you can select the "Other" option in order to create a shortcut for steam

#Run Steam via the created Shortcut or in a terminal with:
Homura Launch Steam

#NOTE: When steam is launched you will have to enable "small mode" (if it does not switch automatically) in order to view your library and install games.
#Store will not work. Regular library view will not work. Big picture mode will not work.
#In order to uninstall something you have to remove the folder itself and then the correct app manifest file located at:
/home/<YOURUSERNAME>/.local/share/Homura/Games/Steam/drive_c/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/

#Check which games run with Homura at: ... king-Games

#Also make sure to check out the Homura handbook at: ... s/Handbook

Big thanks to Alexander Vereeken for creating Homura.

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