qbittorrent and qbittorrent-nox

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qbittorrent and qbittorrent-nox

Post by ParipeDeTriana »

I installed qBittorrent and was surprised that the webUI option is not included.
The webUI is necessary to, for example, use browser extensions to send torrents to the client. But, even more important, is that the qBittorrent webUI lacks options that the GUI has: to know if a torrent has a tracker error (for example: "torrent not registered" in a private tracker) you can only see it in the GUI and the category options (in the webUI you can't define a temporary download folder for incomplete torrents for each category).
I understand that the GUI is not enabled in qbittorrent-nox but disabling the webUI in the qbittorrent package seems like a bad idea to me. On the other hand, it is something that is only done in this distro, why?
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Re: qbittorrent and qbittorrent-nox

Post by chadbsd »

I read your observations regarding qBittorrent, and I understand your concerns. It does seem rather curious that the WebUI option appears to be limited or missing, especially given its utility for browser extensions and torrent management.

Regarding the discrepancies between the GUI and WebUI functionalities, it is indeed puzzling that vital features, such as viewing tracker errors or setting temporary download folders, seem to be exclusive to the GUI. One would expect these features to be available across both interfaces to ensure a seamless user experience.

As for the qbittorrent-nox package, it's indeed primarily a headless version without the GUI. But omitting or limiting the WebUI in the primary qBittorrent package does sound like an oversight, especially if this is specific to the distribution you mentioned.

It might be worth reaching out to the developers of qBittorrent for clarification. They might offer insights into the reasons behind these choices or provide potential workarounds.
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