Very Frustrated

Help with graphics cards on GhostBSD.
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Very Frustrated

Post by jcpollman »

I can not get a usable graphical desktop going with Ghost/Freebsd

Hardware: Ryzen cpu, RX580 video card, plenty of ram, UEFI. I have tried the latest official release of Ghost and Freebsd.

Linux and Windows have no problems with this setup

I have been able to kind of get a graphical desktop 2 ways:
1) Using SCFB. Works fine, but can only display 1024x768. Maybe when I get old, this will be fine, but on a 27 inch screen it is unusable. Is there anyway to change this? Xrandr only gives 1024x768.
2) Using VESA, I can get a full 2550x1440 screen, but the screen refreshes at about every 2 seconds – videos are completely unwatchable

From the command line I have typed: X -configure. And I get: AMDGPU [KMS] drm report modesetting isn’t supported. The Xorg log file shows: No screens found

I have added hw.syscons.disable=1 to my loader.conf. It completely locks up my computer.

I have been using Linux as my desktop for about 30 years, so the unix-like environment is not an issue. I even have Ghostbsd running nicely in a virtualbox in linux – complete with KDE.

I would like to switch to Ghost/Freebsd, but without a usable desktop I can not. I even upgraded my video card as several folks online have been able to make it work – but not me.


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Re: Very Frustrated

Post by Vermilion »

Try this, here has been found a solution (last post) ... 905/page-2

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Re: Very Frustrated

Post by aht0 »

You'll need to install drm v5.0 ( ... and ...

Before doing anything with them, get GhostBSD's sources (install git first. Then issue git clone /usr/src)
To be on the safe side, build new kernel out of the sources and install. Dunno, maybe it'd have some minor difference compared to installed system.

Unpack the kms-drm and kms-firmware zips.

Then, first build and install kms-firmware then follow it up buy building and installing kms-drm from source.

If /etc/rc.conf file does not yet have row containing kld_list entry then add kld_list="amdgpu". When it's already there with some other content, just add amdgpu to the row, leaving empty space between your entry and it's previous items.


Code: Select all

kld_list="linux linux64 cuse amdgpu"
Open /etc/X11/xorg.conf in text editor, replace Driver "scfb" with Driver "amdgpu", save, exit. Reboot.

Works with Vega discrete graphics, should equally work with Polaris cards.

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