lost my network card

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lost my network card

Post by jcpollman »

My network card was working fine in Ghost, but with the latest update (and with a reinstallation with 2021-01-25) Ghost no longer can use my card. The logs show it as re0 with a RealTek 8111 - which is correct - but the logs also show: attaching PHYs failed.

Any thoughts?

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Re: lost my network card RTL8111 with an update

Post by wb7odyfred »

Can you attach files here with more information to look at like dmesg? pciconf -lv output. Have you tried "pkg update -f"
I have noticed some dmesg error message from SCIO80211 invalid value during boot up.

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pciconf -lv
pkg update -f
Yes, jcpollman, I hear you that the RTL8111 re0 worked before and now with this latest update does not work RTL8111. Will keep an eye open and report back if I find something. I hope your find some help, using the information below.

can you use the debug version of the wpa_supplicant command to locate where it breaks?

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killall dhclient 
wpa_supplicant -d  -K -i wlan0 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf
dhclient wlan0

can you uname -a or uname -K to verify version of GhostBSD. Find a method to obtain the version of the GhostBSD driver for RTL8111 device

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uname -a
uname -K

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https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/how- ... hba.73257/
I found this reply:
The term "driver information" makes little sense in FreeBSD. For the most part, drivers are part of the kernel (either compiled in or loaded as kernel modules), and their version matches the kernel. There may be after-market drivers for FreeBSD, but that's uncommon. This is very different from Windows.
Further reading material
https://www.freshports.org/net/realtek-re-kmod different realtek driver for FreeBSD
https://bugs.freebsd.org/bugzilla/show_ ... ?id=206932 Bugs about RTL8111 pci card
https://bsd-hardware.info/index.php?id= ... -1458-e000 BSD Hardware INFO shows that it is working for FreeBSD

reference my forum posts as example of commands to use to debug WIFI problems.

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