Getting WiFi to Work

Help with setting up network cards, including WiFi cards.
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Getting WiFi to Work

Post by ilikesci »

I am trying to get my wireless internet working. Some of my information is I have GhostBSD installed on a laptop with builtin wifi. The information it gave me was that it is a RTL8188EE wifi card. Here is what the information told me to do.

kldload if_rtwn if_rtwn_pci

and it only loads if_rtwn and not if_rtwn_pci.

ifconfig wlan0 create wlandev rtwn0

and gets the following:

ifconfig: SIOCIFCREATE2: device not configured

If anybody can help me I would appreciate it.
Thank You,

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Re: Getting WiFi to Work

Post by NevilleGoddard »

It may be that the card is not supported under FreeBSD.
You can try also


in loader.conf . This may make it work.
Good luck.

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Re: Getting WiFi to Work

Post by wb7odyfred »

read forum post about FreeBSD 12.0 and PCI Realtek devices for your RTL8188CE

Code: Select all

uname -a
pciconv -lv
usbconfig list

Code: Select all


Code: Select all

dmesg | tail -10

Code: Select all

sysctl -n net.wlan.devices

post the output from these commands, so that we might help you better.

look to see if the file if_rtwn_pci.ko exists.
look at dmesg output to see failure message. check what version of kernel you are running and which revision number. maybe the revision number is earlier than when the driver code was modified to merge the usb and pci drivers.


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