SSL on translated port

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SSL on translated port

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I am using a Router/Firewall that allows port translation. I use port 80 for web content, and port 443 for existing ssl web content. As an experiment I am running tests on GhostBSD with Apache24 server and have the IP for this machine trans late it's Apache server port 80 to port 81. I would like to add ssl and although I could use port 8443, I'd prefer to simply use port 81 as it's already set.

I have forwarded traffic on it's domain name to 'myIP':81 which sends traffic successfully to the server. Will I set the ssl for port 80 as internally it thinks it's on port 80. I'm wondering it I'll have to set the forward to https://'myIP':81 now? I suppose so!

Anyone with experience in this please answer... if you're not familiar, please do NOT respond. Just be happy to watch for someone with an answer.



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