Intel AX201 Wifi Setup Guide

Help with setting up network cards, including WiFi cards.
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Intel AX201 Wifi Setup Guide

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Intel AX201 Wireless card, Specifically 20000/AX201

There are a lot of Intel iwlwifi supported cards, Only a few tested and drivers are not yet complete

#1 Check you have an interface you can use from your terminal, This might work for you if the output from the code below is iwlwifi0

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systcl net.wlan.devices

#2 Use the key below to find your country code and regdomain, then make a note of them, ie ( ETSI = europe, GB = britain )
If you are unsure just google regdomain with the domain and you should be able find out where they are used.

Country codes:
DEBUG Debug ZW Zimbabwe YE Yemen VN Viet Nam VE Venezuela UZ Uzbekistan UY Uruguay US United States
GB United Kingdom AE United Arab Emi UA Ukraine TR Turkey TN Tunisia TT Tobago TH Thailand TW Taiwan
SY Syria CH Switzerland SE Sweden LK Sri Lanka ES Spain ZA South Africa SI Slovenia SK Slovak Republic
SG Singapore SA Saudi Arabia RU Russia RO Romania QA Quatar PR Puerto Rico PT Portugal PL Poland
PH Phillipines PE Peru PA Panama PK Pakistan OM Oman NO Norway NZ New Zealand NL Netherlands
NP Nepal MA Morocco MC Monaco MX Mexico MT Malta MY Malaysia MK Macedonia MO Macau
LU Luxemborg LT Lithuania LI Liechtenstein LB Lebanon LV Latvia KW Kuwait K2 Korea Republic2 KR Korea Republic
KP North Korea KZ Kazakhstan JO Jordan J5 Japan5 J4 Japan4 J3 Japan3 J2 Japan2 J1 Japan1
JP Japan JM Jamaica IT Italy IL Israel IE Ireland IR Iran ID Indonesia IN India
IS Iceland HU Hungary HK Hong Kong HN Honduras GT Guatemala GR Greece DE Germany GE Georgia
F2 France2 FR France FI Finland EE Estonia SV El Salvador EG Egypt EC Ecuador DO Dominican Repub
DK Denmark CZ Czech Republic CY Cyprus HR Croatia CR Costa Rica CO Colombia CN China CL Chile
CA Canada BG Bulgaria BN Brunei BR Brazil BO Bolivia BZ Belize BE Belgium BY Belarus
BD Bangladesh BH Bahrain AZ Azerbaijan AT Austria AU Australia AM Armenia AR Argentina DZ Algeria
AL Albania

Regulatory domains:
XC900M GZ901 XR9 SR9

#3 Edit as root your /etc/rc.conf using nano, vim or your editor of choice and add the code below, replacing the X's with your country code and regdomain.

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create_args_wlan0="wlanmode sta mode 11g txpower 30 country XX regdomain XXXX"
ifconfig_wlan0="WPA SYNCDHCP"

#4 Create a blank wpa_supplicant.conf as root, add the code below and also add your wifi password and access point name

Code: Select all


#5 There are 2 ways to do this so i will post both for you to try, ( the wifi in the 1st method does not feel as stable as the 2nd for me at least )

1st Method: Edit as root your /boot/loader.conf and add the following line

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#6 Reboot back into your desktop and check if wifi is working, and connected, if not you can try the second method

2nd Method: Edit as root your /boot/loader.conf and replace the line from the first method with the one below

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#7 Reboot back into your desktop and check if wifi is working, and connected which it hopefully is

The downside of the current state of the drivers means the speed is very slow, i have not got above 20Mb/s
but that is good enough for 1080P Youtube, i also have not tested the bluetooth yet but i will when i get a bit extra time

Hope this helps all you ax201 and other intel ax users
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Re: Intel AX201 Wifi Setup Guide

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