8 port USB/VGA KVM switch issue

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8 port USB/VGA KVM switch issue

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I have been enjoying GhostBSD with Mate. I have Windows and LINUX experience. My 8 port KVM switch has been great. It works fine with Ghost Live USB too. This KVM has buttons to switch between pc's. I can go back and forth between my pc's and when I return to GhostBSD the mouse and keyboard still work.

I installed GhostBSD on the SSD in my Dell Optiplex 7010. The installed GhostBSD also works with the KVM until I switch to another pc and return. The KVM mouse and keyboard do not respond to input. If I plug another mouse and keyboard into the other USB ports they work. I am trying to find the Mate settings that are different between the GhostBSD LIVE USB and the installed GhostBSD. Can somebody point me in the right direction?

I have been reading about the rc.conf and loader.conf files.

Dell Optiplex 7010
Intel 3570 CPU
16gb Ram

RIJER 801UK - 8 Port Manual Smart VGA USB KVM Switch

GhostBSD with Mate
Version 21.05.11

Thank you.
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