Extending disk space under a VM

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Ken E Unix
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Extending disk space under a VM

Post by Ken E Unix »


Is it possible to extend the size of the disk partition when running under a virtual machine.

I would like to extend the drive size from 20 to 40gb. It was possible to extend the size but
how do you tell GhostBSD the extra space is available?

After extending the virtual drive in Virtualbox and running gparted it appeared that the
size was extended but GhostBSD did not recognize it.

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Re: Extending disk space under a VM

Post by aschiebe »

Hi Ken,
assuming the ghostbsd vmclient is using ZFS as FileSystem, then you give it a try with:

zpool set ....
set <property=value> <pool>

the following properties are supported:
autoexpand YES on | off

zpool set autoexpand=on <yourpoolname>

this should grow your pool to the new disk size.

Happy eveining,
KR Arnold
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Re: Extending disk space under a VM

Post by elija04 »

Within the virtual landscape, the answer to extending disk space in a VM resides in a thoughtful orchestration of technological resources. It involves considerations of storage architecture, system compatibility, and strategic allocation—a cognitive synthesis that transforms digital intentions into practical configurations, expanding the virtual realm's capacity seamlessly. mp bhulekh
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