What Laptop Hardware Most Suited for GhostBSD?

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What Laptop Hardware Most Suited for GhostBSD?

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Thank you for the *BSD effort.
I'm not necessarily a very advanced computer user, but I'd like to use an operating system alternative to Windows with an ethical conduct that I can trust (I don't like how Gates is constantly watching me and selling my data). Naturally this led me to Linux and *BSD. I've always ran into problems with Linux, for instance now with Mint 21.1 Xfce, my USB WiFi Adaptor TP Link TL-WN823N V2/V3 could not be rendered useable so that I could not connect to the Internet. My USB ports were hardblocked in Linux, and could not be unblocked :-). I understand it must be hard for a voluntary open source community to provide full compatibility and functionality; I look upon the whole dimension of open source development with nothing but respect. For this reason, as I am motivated to run an open source OS I thought it would be better to ask the community what laptop they would recommend that is basically guaranteed to run out of the box if I'd install GhostBSD. I plan on purchasing a new laptop sooner or later, and I will make my choice based on Unix compatibility. I think I'd prefer *BSD compatibility because it has been praised for its capacity in terms of security. I confess I also like something a bit more esoteric :-).

Compatibility I'd be looking for is in terms of the networking card, USB WiFi adapter [which one do you recommend?], graphics card; and I have a GXT 450 gaming headset with a microphone that I hope I can continue to use for audio recordings; it's USB plug-and-play.
I'd like to do some video and graphics editing.

I think it would actually be a good Unix project to compile a list of computers, laptops, and other devices that are guaranteed to run out of the box with full functionality with this or that Unix variant. People interested in Unix can purchase hardware based on this list. This adds to making the step from a commercial, privacy-violating OS to an open source alternative a bit more approachable for a beginner.

I do understand *BSD is not necessarily the more user-friendly choice for those not too familiar with Unix, but the *BSD documentation looks good and accessible; and I'd like to learn.

Thank you for your time and patience,

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Re: What Laptop Hardware Most Suited for GhostBSD?

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Welcome SilverC3ll to GhostBSD OS! A fine operating system to use on your PC. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us on improving ease of use and verifying BSD Device Drivers for a PC's hardware devices.

my USB WiFi Adaptor TP Link TL-WN823N V2/V3 https://ghostbsd-arm64.blogspot.com/202 ... le-on.html
https://gist.github.com/grahamperrin/0d ... ed442e214c

There is problems with the FreeBSD device driver for this RTL8188eu part the WN823N. You can scan wifi access points, but not connect to an access point. Grahamperrin has a list of functioning USB wife devices.

Examine these web sites for information on a particular piece of hardware.
bsd-hardware.info or linux-hardware.org hw-probe -all -upload

FreeBSD or GhostBSD method to install hw-probe
pkg install hw-probe

USB Headphones just seem to work ok. Logitech H390 has some usb controls that do not work and the audio squeals from feedback. So your M450 headphone I don't know information about.

Download "latest" GhostBSD.ISO Feb 02, 2023 or later ghostbsd.org/download burn to a USB Flash Drive stick. Then boot this stick on any PC machine you wish to test. Share the web URL from the hw-probe output if you wish in the Telegraph-Desktop app GhostBSD group t.me/ghostbsd GhostBSD_Gamer t.me/ghostbsd_gamers Install software Suyimazu for supporting Steam Games and WINE
Enjoy your journey using GhostBSD on your PC. Encourage to tell your neighbors.
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Re: What Laptop Hardware Most Suited for GhostBSD?

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I've had success with full support on a Gen3 Lenovo 11e and had support, other than wifi, with an HP Pro G3. I have more hardware to test but those two laptops work well. Other than the latest update killing X on the Lenovo.
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