Thanks to the Developers and Maintainers of Ghost

Have some non-GhostBSD related questions, or want just to chit-chat about anything that is not necessarily related to GhostBSD? This is the forum for you.
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Thanks to the Developers and Maintainers of Ghost

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I tried Linux in 1996 but it was still a bit fuzzy around the edges, so I had to throw in the towel. I tried Linux again in 2005 and was comfortable enough with it to make it my desktop OS permanently.

The one stumbling block for Linux is the myriad of distro's that have surfaced - and the fractured ecosystem of repositories and software. It is true that you can now use SNAP (And other applications like APImage) - however I really don't like the idea of putting my system at the mercy of a third party software maintainer.

This year I took the FreeBSD plunge and I am completely happy with the results.

Although some of the device drivers require some tender loving care and beating to make them work - It is worth the small price of time and research to get everything up and running. Another outstanding feature that FreeBSD has is that it is a complete top to bottom operating system - not just a kernel with a "customized" userland based upon a distro's maintainers mind set. The most important point is system security and integrity. With a complete top down operating system - it provides a more granular approach at maintaining a "clean" system with fewer opportunities for the bad guys to penetrate and wreak havoc. Vigilance, knowledge and expertise are still required to ensure a happy FreeBSD box that hums along!

Finally, we are using binary blobs that have their roots in true System V Unix.

Hats Off To Every Involved!

PS: I don't think BSD users have to fear the zombie of SCO creeping around to reignite the Linux stole our source code tall tale!
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Re: Thanks to the Developers and Maintainers of Ghost

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Re: Thanks to the Developers and Maintainers of Ghost

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I did the normal distro-hopping, and landed on Manjaro + KDE, was very happy, but occasionally something would bork my laptop and I'd have to spend too much time fixing it.

I got a bit more into BSD, as I was building some pfsense/OPNsense via the install tools on top of existing BSD core installs.

After I looked into the philosophy and ZFS + Bhyve, I was REALLY fascinated.

Manage to get a FreeBSD + KDE up and running to ALMOST where I was content, but power control + lack of integration with the laptop hardware functions was about to drive me back into Linux.

Then I tried Nomad, and finally Ghost - and while I now have rebuilt the laptop OS 4-5 times in BSD world manually - I'm SUPER glad that Ghost exists, and I'm really shocked that it's not better known and loved.

Take some $ for your hard-work Eric. (I donated through the main site).

2021 donation goal: $15,000  Current amount donated: $6162.69

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