Introducing Myself

Have some non-GhostBSD related questions, or want just to chit-chat about anything that is not necessarily related to GhostBSD? This is the forum for you.
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Introducing Myself

Post by limo »

Hi all,
This is my first post. I hope I am welcome.

Generally, I am coming from Linux, on Linux since 2000 and have been enjoying the "free" and "freedom" of open source software. The concept of a community.

For me, what I care about whether Linux or BSD is the quality of software and OS as compared to "other" mainstream OS. And what I really enjoy most is the feeling of the community and how users/developers cooperate and care.

I have been distro hopping for almost a year and passed by FreeBSD for a few days.

I am interested in trying and hopefully installing GhostBSD and make it my default and just live with it forever.
What I see attractive in GhostBSD (as far as I understand - correct me if I am wrong, please):
  • It is a rolling release, so install once and that's it.
    It is BSD, which I believe by design better than Linux.
    I believe I can install software from other Linux distros in case it is not available in BSD
    It runs from RAM, which makes it much faster and more responsive.
For now, what I am looking for in my installation and the GhostBSD community (guide/correct me if I am wrong please):
  • I love KDE, but I found it is MATE, and XFCE (will start with MATE if there is no KDE by default)
    I care about searching for words or part of inside text files, PDF, DOC, XLS,... whatever.
    Under Linux I installed it on BTRFS but used Recoll instead of Baloo because Baloo didn't play well with BTRFS. So I wonder how is Baloo doing with ZFS? (under BTRFS it was indexing snapshots all the time as new files, so after 3 snapshots if I search it gives 4 results of the same unique file). Is it so under GhostBSD ZFS?
    If I use MATE, can I just install Baloo and Dolphin file manager under MATE?
    Is it easy to convert my system to be only KDE?
Sorry for lots of questions, but I am just trying to know more.
I booted a live image but had a problem I couldn't have internet or any network whether WiFi or cable. I will create another thread for this.

Finally, again, I hope I am welcome, hope I am still welcome after all these questions.
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Re: Introducing Myself. Hello Fred Finster here

Post by wb7odyfred »

Yes, you are welcome, Limo. You questions are great. I running off to work now. Will answer later. Fred
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Re: Introducing Myself. Hello Fred Finster here

Post by wb7odyfred »

Yes, you are welcome, Limo
Wifi. Need to know your chip set. on Telegram search for file

commands to discover chipsets. Looking for wifi chipset
pciconf -lv
usbconfig list
dmesg | less

sh >limo_wifi.txt

less limo_wifi.txt check this website to see if FreeBSD has a device driver for your chipset

using live boot media or from installed ghostbsd, when ethernet is working
pkg install hw-probe

hw-probe -all -upload
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