Why Telegram?

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Why Telegram?

Post by nevets »

OK. There's an important principle here about a free and open internet...

Please don't take this the wrong way, but WHY are we hiding help and assistance for those using Ghost behind a non-browser searchable, freely available to all service wall?

I believe that the internet is for freely sharing help and assistance topics.
Walling-off private and sensitive data is obviously essential in it's place; but for forums whose goals are primarily sharing?

Why MUST Ghost users be required to possess a smartphone (app downloadable device]?
Why MUST Ghost users be required to use Telegram and disclose their contact number to a third party?
Why are we directed to use Telegram?

I feel like we're creating silos of useful data and cliques of users.

So, given we all need these forums from time to time, is there a better service than Telegram to achieve this?

Written with the hope we can have a kind and respectful conversation about this topic,

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Re: Why Telegram?

Post by RodMyers »

it's where every one started hanging out.

IF you choose not to go there, then I post the forum link for others to look at
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