Several questions

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Several questions

Post by Robot40 »

Hi guys!

I've used Linux mainly since my first distro (Zorin 9) starting in 2015 and found it to be much more fun than Windows. While I'm a happy Linux Mint user, I'm curious about BSD. Not being a very technical guy, I've been reading about GhostBSD due it having a MATE gui (one of my favorites) and had some questions.

1. Does GhostBSD come with a firewall like gufw in Linux? If so, how do you start it?
2. Security wise, I would assume there's not much malware out there for BSD-but how secure do you think it is compared to Linux? Are there any antivirus programs available for BSD?
3. Gaming wise-are there any ports for classic games like Doom and Quake for GhostBSD?

Thanks for any info you can give me.

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Re: Several questions

Post by ASX »

Hi and welcome! :)

GhostBSD born out for self-learning motivations, founded from Eric (and a few others) and is a variation of FreeBSD, in that it try to be more "desktop" friendly.

If you are really curious about GhostBSD, stay tuned and read this forum and/or the webpages for the upcoming news.

If you want to compare GhostBSD to Linux, probably the closest Linux counterpart is Arch Linux,; while we try to provide a reasonable "desktop system", many thing need to be configured by hand, firewall is one of them.

Actually we provide no firewall by default, but it is easy to install one, look for pf and/or ipfw, but there is no GUI interface that I'm aware of.

Viruses: when was the last time have you have seen a Linux or BSD infection ?

Doom and Quake look like available along with some 1200 listed under ports/games ...

Have fun. ;)

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Re: Several questions

Post by ericbsd »

Eh, Robot40 Xonotic is my favorite game for arena shooter game.

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