AI Voice Desktop Assistant

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AI Voice Desktop Assistant

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Hello Everybody,,
I am want to ask for some Help! I have Glaucoma in Both Eyes and I want to tell you that I had Microsoft Windows 10 with Cortana Voice Assistant Enabled But, I was getting tired of Viruses, Malware and Back Door Threats coming through my Desktop PC. I was also made aware from People that Micosoft uses your Private Information when you Tell Cortana what to do. To Me That is unfair that you don't have Privacy. At the Moment I Erased Windows 10 and Installed Linux Mint 18.02. I Need a Voice AI Desktop Assistant which I can tell it what to do Whether to Write or Send Emails or Opening Document By the Sound of my Voice. If I were to install GhostBSD OS to my PC Could you Please Help me to Install A Voice Assistant on it through a Terminal? I will Appreciate it. Thank You For Your Time and God Bless, Edward Fischer

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Re: AI Voice Desktop Assistant

Post by NevilleGoddard »

Hello, Edward.

Welcome to GhostBSD.

In GhostBSD there is an application called Orca which is an assistive technologies application whichcan be installed through the terminal by the command - pkg install orca

Then you must go to your settings menu and then click "Accessibility".

Then click "Enable assistive technologies". There you will also find options for your mouse and keyboard.

Unfortunately I don't know if this would help with what you want it for but I couldn't see anything on the Orca page that suggests it wouldn't.

Here's the Orca page ... irect=Orca

Good luck. I hope this helps.

God bless,


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