Updating GhostBSD

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Updating GhostBSD

Post by crackerjack »

Hi all,

Just installed GhostBSD yesterday and tried googling the issue but wasn't able to figure out the differences.

From what I found, there are two ways to update your GhostBSD system..
1. freebsd-update fetch install
2. pkg update and then run pkg upgrade

The first one I found was on GhostBSD's wiki but I get a lot of errors after running the "install" portion.. something along the lines of:
"install: //usr/src/usr.sbin/ntp/ntpdc/nl.c: No such file or directory"
I get a lot of errors regarding to the /usr/src folder. Doing the freebsd-update fetch install command didn't update the system. I found somewhere on GhostBSD forums and didn't still understand exactly what's the issue is and that all is ok. To me.. it's not ok because freebsd-update didn't update at all.

The second one works.. it updated everything - Firefox, updated the OS itself to 10.1-RELEASE-p26, etc. before I ran this command.. GhostBSD was at 10.1-RELEASE-p19.

What's the difference between the two commands? freebsd-update and pkg update / upgrade?


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Re: Updating GhostBSD

Post by ericbsd »

One update FreeBSD base system which is freebsd-update and the other only the software which is pkg upgrade.

The errors you got can be disregarded src is the source code to build FreeBSD system.

Your system got up to date.

To see the current version type freebsd-version in a terminal.

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