What, after all is GhostBSD ? GhostBSD vs other known OS

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What, after all is GhostBSD ? GhostBSD vs other known OS

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Recently, I have been concentrated on finding any BSD operating system that could come against on my expectation, about a stable, fast and secure system; It also should

be installed without unnecessary complications to a common User; besides being easily installed , it was also indispensable that it was able to perform well on an old machine

that I still stand here, a Dell Optiplex 210L from 2006.

Initially, I was running a Red Hat Linux 8.0 on this machine, but although this distro presented good stability and performance on it, it always had compatibility issues, mainly

in relation to audio and video drivers. I gave up the Red Hat 8.0 for this PC.

Years passed away and I got to know other Linux versions, such as Mandriva, Suse, Conectiva Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, Slackware, until finally I decided by Linux Mint 12.0.

Although Linux Mint OS was a relatively stable and with a beautiful graphical interface, I continued my determination to have all these quisitos of a stylish and efficient

desktop environment, being found and available in any version derived from the famous BSD 4.4 Lite UNIX System; the question that always came me to my mind was: this

system that I seek, there is in fact ?

I had already tested DesktopBSD three years ago, but the several and serious bugs of this custom of FreeBSD option, made me give it up for proving be a bad choice.

Behind the legendary stability and logical consistency of a typical BSD system such as FreeBSD standard, I tried other alternatives because I wanted a replacement for the

Linux Mint, and that such a system was powerful enough to overcome it in all aspects, not only in some of them.

MAC OS X Leopard could not have a satisfactory performance, due to the limitations of the referred hardware I used to test and monitor the performance of UNIX-like

Systems, both Linux distros and BSD systems.

Moreover, it had the legal and technicall restriction, for being a system incompatible to an architecture that was not Apple.

PC-BSD 10.1, although apparently it was a valid option, also was inefficient in this old machine with onboard video device just 64MB and 2GB RAM, and because of that, It

has been set aside for having proven to be a doubtful choice for this case.

Despite having been informed that it could run fine in this old computer which I use for testing, this never happened in reality (if any OS worked well in this old and obsolete

9 years old PC, then it would run even better on a more modern computer with greater RAM video memory and processing capacity).

This reality, however, changed completely when I met, installed and tested GhostBSD 10.1 BETA2 on this veteran machine.

For my surprise, this beautiful and very efficient system, a genuine and bold son of BSD Family, although still a BETA version, surpassed all my expectations, for having

overcome performance and power of all the mentioned systems.

I'm documenting all comparative tests I'm doing with my GhostBSD, and they are proving increasingly the power that this beautiful and charming system shows in real

situations, whether accessing the internet for research and work activities, or enjoying the pleasures of listening good music and watching a movie, either using a program to

chat, GhostBSD is being able on making me satisfied, more and more.

There is nothing about it that has not been carefully planned, the facts are showing it to me day after day, and for this reason, I will commit myself more and more to others to

take the pleasure that I am already taking; it means, using GhostBSD on it latest release in my daily routine whether at home or at work.

Why don't you doubt anything I say here and do yourself an experience with GhostBSD?

After testing it for a few days, I am absolutely certain that you will not want to uninstall it more in favor of any other operating system.

Accept this challenge, know a little GhostBSD, you will certainly enjoy the excellent work that the Development team behind this promising and brave Open Source Project

is doing, and draw your own conclusions. You will not regret it!
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