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Web Browser scrolling

Post by Mach28-5? »

Reposting from here https://forums.ghostbsd.org/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=940 in case this wasn't seen.

I've installed GBD into a virtualbox machine. Everything works well except that the mouse scrolling activates the back or forward buttons in every browser I've tried. The previous answer suggested to remove moused from rc.conf but it does exist in my file.I would like to fix this before giving up on this distro.


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Re: Web Browser scrolling

Post by slughorn »

I had the same issue on virtualbox too. But on metal never. It seems there is a conflict between virtualbox and GhostBSD.

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Re: Web Browser scrolling

Post by ericbsd »

Basically it is moused the cause of the problem it also happens on FreeBSD with moused service. There is a hack for that "xmodmap -e 'pointer = 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 0 0 0' &" that can be set in Startup Applications.

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Re: Web Browser scrolling

Post by dinsdale »

Hello again from Victoria BC! Long time "Ghost in the VBox" user here. My first GhostBSD image was very good, but I've had these mouse issues ever since.

I tried the hack: System->Preferences->Personal->Startup Applications. Add a new item: "Mouse Hack" with the code above. The issue does not resolve. When I manually run the hack from the command line, the problem is fixed, but my Startup Application doesn't seem to have any affect.

I am also having the issue of a very fast mouse, and the cursor flashes and disappears. The mouse settings are as low as they will go. I can't find the old post where you had suggested something to fix the fast mouse?

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Re: Web Browser scrolling

Post by winlundn »

Incidentally I have had the problem where GhostBSD does not let me suspend / resume VirtualBox sessions. I can start it up initially but if I try to resume from where I last left off, it locks up the windows. Could be VirtualBox doing something it shouldn't?

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