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New user observations

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I'm impressed, especially after network and X11 struggles with FreeBSD. I have used Minix, early slackware, and most Linux distros (I currently use Fedora and Ubuntu on separate SSDs, as well as GhostBSD on its own SSD).

Your distro is indeed elegant and stable. I think Gnome 3 on Fedora and Ubuntu is a disaster, and you have to use the tweak tools to get something usable. Mate suits me fine.

I have had a few minor problems:
1. Firefox starts and then quits before appearing on the screen. If I start it again, it works, but acts like 2 copies were requested.
2. I have a Brother MFC-j870DW printer using wifi. It appears I will not get that to work. I will try it with a USB connection.
3 A Linux ext3 external drive with GPT partitioning is recognized when booting, but another ext3 external drive with a hybrid GPT/MBR partitioning is not recognized.
4. Both FreeBSD and GhostBSD complain that another Linux ext3 drive has a corrupt primary GPT table. When using fdisk and gparted or parted on Fedora and Ubuntu to verify this drive, there is no error.
5. When booting GhostBSD from a SSD, it takes about 2 minutes. It may be due to the 5 external Linux ext3 drives. Will investigate further.
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