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USB Drives not mounting error

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 2:24 pm
by Nikaea
Hi Everyone,

I'm a solid month into Ghost BSD and sad I didn't find it sooner. It fits everything I do. I'm a journalist, need to write, edit podcasts and small videos. But I'm having USB mounting errors and can't find the culprit. Worse yet, I'm not very technically savvy, apparently :)

This is the general error I get when I plug in a USB device, thumbdrive or harddrive, NTFS, Apple's standard of Linux formatted.

For the USB and ScanDisk music drive, as well as an early Apple music thingy (forgot the name of those things, i something or other)

Cannot Mount Volume
Unable to mount the volume
Details: Dev/da3s1: Operation not supported for this device

And the other
Details: An unknown error occured

For the Apple formatted external drive I get the following:

Unable to mount the volume (with the name of the volume)
Mount: dev/gpt/(the name of the volume): operation not supported by device

I'm assuming it's a Mate problem?

I tried reading the reading manual but not knowing where to start, I'm lost.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. That USB problem is the only I have on the positive side of things.