New to GhostBSD...

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New to GhostBSD...

Post by tenfoot »

My usual operating system is LinuxMint, which I have been using since version 3.0, Currently using Version 19.0 Mate.

Over the past few months I've been reading a lot about the various BSD flavours and tried a few of them - TrueOS, Dragonfly ,GhostBSD. To me, GhostBSD seemed the most intuitive and it had the advantage that the Mate desktop environment isthe default. Currently I have it installed in VirtualNox, so that I can become used to it. So far I've found that all the programs I use on LinuxMint are in GhostBSD. Most work "out of the box" although I do have a few "niggles".

(a) Variety installed without problem,but I cannot get the clock to display. Is anyone using it and experiencing the same problem?

(b) I cannot get the default shortcuts for accessing the www or the email application to work. It may be that the OS is not installed on bare metal. Is someone able to advise, please?

Although I lock my panel icons in particular positions - to mimic my LinuxMint installation, GhostBSD does not seem to honour that, inasmuch as the icons are all moved to the right on a reboot. How may I prevent this, please?

At present, after playing around with GhostBSD for a few days, I am almost at the point that I'll be installing it on my laptop!

Regards from Waipapa, in the beautiful Bay of Islands, New Zealand. on a pleasantly sunny Saturday morning..

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