Questions about the installation of FreeBSD
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This Mini Howto is written from a Linux user's perspective installing from a penrive. (Using GPT partitioning).

Use Entire Disk

This will erase anything on the disk before installing GhostBSD.
Select your hard disk & then just follow through the installation script filling in your details.
Definately the easiest way to install for a newbie.

Create A Partition With A Preset Mountpoint

When using this selection you will likely want to just create your / slice/partition. I suggest deleting all preset options & starting from freespace, create a single slice (partition) of sufficient size to hold your /, swap & /usr - note: BSD favours putting /home under the /usr directory. Select your slice (partition) & let the installer setup / & swap for you. Continue filling in details as asked for.
I would create any other slices (partitions) after the system is installed into its own slice (partition).

Custom Installation

When using this option, I still just created the one slice for my / & swap. Create a slice big enough for your /, swap & /usr, (remembering that BSD likes to put /home under /usr). Select your slice & proceed with filling in details as asked for.
Again, I would create any other slices after having installed the system into its own slice.

I know this Mini Howto is not very informative as to how to get a complicated setup installed, it is only meant for a newbie to GhostBSD to get up & running. I hope I have helped someone else to experience GhostBSD on their computer.
Linux user since 1999; & now a BSD user.

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