Installer quits with EXITERROR after format of drive

Questions about the installation of FreeBSD
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Installer quits with EXITERROR after format of drive

Post by dspring3 »

Hi I'm using a usb on a HP-Compaq 9600 laptop.
I have the same problem with all versions, stops at same point of install.
Using Entire Drive and no Boot Loader for install. Tried all on all versions and same failure.
Posting text copied from installer from GhostBSD3.1-i386 openbox :

File Sanity Check -> OK
Trying DHCP on re0 <RealTek 8169/8169S/8169SB(L)/8110S/8110SB(L) Gigabit Ethernet>
gmirror: Command 'list' not available.
Deleting all gparts
Clearing gpt backup table location on disk
Running gpart on /dev/ada0
Running gpart add on /dev/ada0
Cleaning up /dev/ada0s1
Stamping boot1 on /dev/ada0
NEWFS: /dev/ada0s1a - UFS+SUJ
EXITERROR: Error 36: newfs -U /dev/ada0s1a
For more details see log file: /tmp/.pc-sysinstall/pc-sysinstall.log

I cannot find the file : /tmp/.pc-sysinstall/pc-sysinstall.log

It appears the drive is formatted but no part of system has been installed (empty).

Any fix help or work around readily welcomed. Like it in live mode.. no problems there.

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Re: Installer quits with EXITERROR after format of drive

Post by ericbsd »

HOw did you set up your partition?

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Re: Installer quits with EXITERROR after format of drive

Post by evoliphant »

ericbsd wrote:HOw did you set up your partition?
I am getting the same error with both the gnome2 version and lxde version.

I have tried to do auto partition, as well as one partition with the following labels /, swap, /var, /etc, /tmp, /usr

and tried to make partitions using the previously listed mount points as the partition/label/mount point. All tries at installing have ended with this EXITERROR. The log file merely states the same error the gui gives. There is no additional information in the error log. Any help is much appreciated. I'd like to try out your os.

EDIT: Okay, I tried it again (gnome2 usb version) and this time it went through. This time I used custom partition, and left it alone as one big partition (which I really don't like... only did it to see if I could install it at all) and did not create any labels or mount points. The other thing I did was checked the BSD boot loader option. After the install went finished, I got several errors saying that such and such failed to mount the single partition. After I rebooted, the OS did not boot up. I'm staring at a blinking cursor.

Also, some how when I ran the previous install attempts (even though those install attempts failed), it screwed up my mbr and I could not boot the previous system (freebsd) on there. Just a friendly suggestion, but it's kind of frustrating that an installer would change anything on the mbr if it can't install the software afterward. Can't there be some level of protection such that the mbr will not get changed if the OS isn't able to install itself? I guess its not that big of a deal and probably most of the time easily fixable, but a novice would probably think they had broken their computer even though they had yet to believe that anything had changed on their computer.

I would still like to know why I can't partition and label like I usually do with BSD systems. I don't like one big partition with /, swap, /var, /tmp, and /usr all on it. If at all possible I would like some guidance to see exactly how you would go about making those partitions and then labeling and giving them the appropriate mount point on those partitions.

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Re: Installer quits with EXITERROR after format of drive

Post by Bigboss01 »

There seem to be no FreeBSD solution. But installing DrangonFly on another slice with its boot manager helps. May be grub or another boot manger will do it to.

Anyway, I got it running for now ...
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