It was a nice try I give up..Story below..

Questions about the installation of FreeBSD
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It was a nice try I give up..Story below..

Post by freddell »

Downloaded the torrent of ghostBSD, it burned and installed fine. (Lenovo x230t)
Everything is working upon initial install,

I was intending the machine to be used as softether endpoint

First problem, installing softether from binary from softheter site, make segfaults (after gcc installatiion)
From repo there is a binary edition, but it created some kind of library conflict, posted elsewhere
Second problem, us repo slow, changed to France mirror manually, ok
Third "glitch" if you type the wrong wifi password there is not graphical menu to correct it. Needed manual file editing, ok
Forth problem, I abandon GhostBSD because the machine wants to download gigabytes of updates, but it crashes midway bricking the machine with library problems, not even login work, crtl.alt delete reboots the machine but never reaches login prompt or x11 again..
Hence GhostBSD is not mature as a remote endpoint, and I dont want to leave it unpatched as it will be exposed to internet.

My next step was to download openindiana hipster edition, burned the USB but it would not boot the installer. immature.. :)

Applying windows updates rarely brick the machine in my experience, but there could be more security exposure as the windows machine I used was ransomware'd, probably through rdp, even though I maintain pretty close patch regimen.

Which OS is right for me? I value a rich experience (graphical) and remote management capability that can be updated without fear of bricking?
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Re: It was a nice try I give up..Story below..

Post by Geos16 »

Maybe try another disto. Freebsd worth the try. A full operating system-super stable and with the right configuration looks beautiful on the desktop !
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