Remarks on GhostBSD 18.10

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Remarks on GhostBSD 18.10

Post by Linuxero » Fri Nov 02, 2018 11:59 am


I have downloaded the latest GhostBSD18.10.iso based on TrueOS as far as I understand.

I have been trying to get TrueOS run on my Asus ROG GL552VW for a couple of months now. But this seems to be a tough task due to my discrete Nvidia card.

Anyway; I wrote the above ISO on a USB and successfully booted into the desktop. I must mention here that I have my hard disk prepartitioned for several OSes. I have set apart a partition for TrueOS and anothe partition for BSD Swap. So I decided to install GhostBSD on that same partition.

Now the problem is that the installer of GhostBSD sees the partitions but it does not allow me to reformat the partition. The only options that I have are delete and revert. I guess that this is too restrictive when comparing it to the way Linux installers behave.

I do not want GhostBSD to mess around with my disk and partitions. I would like to just tell it use that partition and it should do just that.

That said; I have tried to format the partition in a terminal with UFS2, then I relaunched the installer, I even rebooted into GhostBSD live. Sadly enough, it still would not install to the partition I instruct it to.

It reminds me of the problem with TrueOS, where it assumes that my ESP Partition is on the same disk on which I am installing the system..

Some assumptions just do not work. Please do not follow MS ideology assuming that the user should accept, whatever the OS says.

Now; is there a workaround for my problem? At least GhostBSD bbots to the desktop while TrueOS hangs into a black screen.

Thank you in advance.

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