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GhostBSD and Linux Dual Boot

Posted: Fri Aug 03, 2018 1:36 pm
by jmp20
For anyone interested in installing GhostBSD and Linux in dual boot mode, this note may save you some time and a possible headache. In my quest to install GhostBSD and Linux in dual boot mode I have found that due to the quirk of GhostBSD I had to install it as for it to use/create partitions 1, 2, and 3. I installed GhBSD then I installed Linux. GhBSD installed on ada0p1, adap0p2 and ada0p3 as gpt, root and swap. Then proceeded to install Linux. It seems that Linux modifies GhBSD's bootx64.efi file thus causing an error when booting to GhostBSD after installing Linux. A workaround of this problem is to go into your newly installed GhBSD, go to /media/disk/efi (efi partition) and back up the boot folder that includes the bootx64.efi file. After installing Linux, a new directory on the efi partition gets created to boot the Linux distro, as linux, debian, ubuntu, etc. To fix GhBSD boot error, find the same folder (efi partition) in the Linux system, usually on /boot/efi/boot/. Ensuring this is the GhBSD boot folder and not the Linux one, replace the original GhBSD bootx64.efi file with the one that Linux modified/created.