Install Fails with Errors

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Install Fails with Errors

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Hi, I'm trying to install Ghost on a Dell Latitude E6420 with 8 GB of RAM, Intel i5, Intel Mesa HD graphics plus an nVidia 4200N, from a USB. The system detects the USB and loads the iso from it, but I get the following errors when it tries to boot:

Unable to connect to X server
Connection refused.

Apr11 19:43:23 livecd ntpd[1120]: error resolving pool
Non-recoverable failure in name resolution (4)

The installer does load nVidia driver 390. I did not have these problems installing Ghost 11, which I ran for quite a while.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
Vas you efer in Zinzinnati? GhostBSD running on a Lenovo 500X Ideapad procured from local resale shop because I'm cheap.
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