How to install Nvidia drivers?

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How to install Nvidia drivers?

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Hey everyone I wonder how to install drivers on this thing ? I just seen that older versions of GhostBSD had option to boot installation with nvidia enviroment but this one does not have? so what has happened? I just pick up VESA tho, and later after installing nvidia I cannot change because BSD just freezes, I followed those instruction so I wonder, can someone explain me ?

I followed more instruction yet none worked
I use GTX 1060 if that means anything for bsd
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Nvidia GTX 1060

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Vodoinstalater wrote: Fri May 21, 2021 12:31 am … GTX 1060 if that means anything for bsd
At least one type of Nvidia GTX 1060 worked with FreeBSD 13.0-CURRENT and 14.0-CURRENT. Respectively:

With GhostBSD based on FreeBSD stable/13, I assume that things should work with your type of GTX 1060, although I can not advise on what to install (or uninstall).

Share a hardware probe, if you like; it will help to more accurately identify your hardware.
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