emacs-vterm compiles but not usable on GhostBSD?

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emacs-vterm compiles but not usable on GhostBSD?

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Unsure where this question belongs as it pertains to emacs vterm module, it seems that on both GhostBSD and FreeBSD I have been unsucessful at getting this compiled module to work and this sounds like perhaps a issue with vterm or maybe something I should bring up on a emacs forum, however it seems to work on Linux distros such as Manjaro as well I have had success in Guix System. So my line of thinking is that because this is the only system I cannot get it to work, and that its a C compiled module, perhaps this has to do with something BSD does different.

I am sure that there must exist at least one Emacs user that uses GhostBSD as their os and so I will attempt this question here. I have installed what I believe are all the dependancies as well I have gotten what appears to be a successful build of vterm-module via vterm-module-compile, yet invoking it does nothing. Here is some of the steps I have tried and observations made during my attempts to get this working.

* Vterm on FreeBSD
** Steps taken
- Install libvterm, ncurses, libtool (pkg install)
- Install cmake (pkg install)
- (use-package vterm)
- M-x vterm
** Observations
- After M-x vterm-module-compile finishes I get ~[100%] Built target vterm-module~
- M-x vterm has no effect, no new buffers, returned to current buffer

Is anyone here using both Emacs and the vterm module, and if so what you did to get it working? If you feel this does not belong on this forum please kindly advise me where it would be more appropriately discussed. Thank you for your time/

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